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DBM - Double Ball Move - original

We present to you a world novelty in the field of fitness and sports 

a unique movement system with universal balls DBM - Double Ball Move - original

We present to you a novelty in the world of holistic movement - the original Double Ball Move exercise. Special ergonomic DBM balls weighing 700g - 3 Kg in different colors were developed for this purpose. 

With natural movements, using circular, rotational movements, the entire energy system of a person is evenly moved, and in a short time you will gain dynamism, strength and endurance. 

Exercising with DBM balls is the perfect tool for children, parents, seniors, hobbyists and professionals alike. DBM exercise is suitable for all types of sports due to its complexity in perfectly coordinated movements.


We are certified manufacturers and distributors of DBM universal balls and the entire energy exercise system. 

Our ambition is to spread DBM exercises to Europe and gradually to the whole World and offer people a completely new approach to movement.